21st Birthday

I didn’t celebrate my 21st birthday unfortunately. I was busy with my last semester of uni and was honestly just very very stressed.

My uni friends threw me a surprise “study party”. It was unexpected but never unwelcome. I almost cried. I enjoyed some sweet and savoury snacks. We laughed and we studied. My bestfriend sent me a bouquet of flowers and my mum also purchased a basket of roses. I worked on my birthday but nevertheless I enjoyed my birthday.

As always, I’m thankful for what God has given me. Another year of happiness and joy was spent. And many more years please! ❤


Europe 2018

“I’ve found to peace at home, but found my heart in my travels.”

1. London

Finally got to visit London! I’ve been so fascinated about British culture; can’t deny my love for the British monarchy and Arthurian legends. My favourite fast food here was definitely Shakeshack (highly recommended by one of my favourite Sims Youtuber JamesTurnerYT).

My best friend and I in front of Buckingham Palace
Shake Shack

2. Paris

With all honesty a lot of people have told me that Paris wasn’t ALL THAT. I came to Paris with no expectation, but I left with so many happy memories. From the architecture to the history, Paris is interesting through and through. If you’re going to Paris you have to go to Disneyland! That’s my one recommendation you can’t miss!

On the second floor of the Eiffel Tower
Van Gogh

3. Switzerland

Not to be missed when going to Europe! The picturesque scenery is absolutely breath-taking! We went to Mt. Titlis (I know?! I couldn’t believe the name either).

All smiles as we avoid snow glare
My view whilst riding the sky chairs.

4. Italy

We visited a couple of cities in Italy. I’ve never had so much gelato and pasta in my life! Venice was probably my favourite–just for the aesthetic alone! It was perfect!

6. Austria

We also went to the outskirts of Austria. I wish we went to Vienna, that would’ve been cool. It was beautiful nonetheless.

7. Czech Republic

Prague was the place that surprised me the most. So much good food and I had such a good time! It was amazing, too many memories I cannot forget!

Chillin’ in Prague while we wait for dinner to come.
A nice church (which I forgot the name of)

8. Germany

Germany was solemn for me. It was a city filled with so much history. It was a time for contemplation, and a time to remember how grateful we should be we don’t live in a world at war.

9. Amsterdam

Amsterdam was a WHOLE new world. I was excited the most about this actually. Not because of the stuff you can find, but because of the show (how embarrassing). I was fascinated with the architecture and wanted to see it for myself. To my surprise it was a funky as I thought. It was a fairly small city though.

Most buildings in Amsterdam had hooks for different purposes.

“And that concludes my one month holiday in Europe! Hope you guys enjoyed!”

24k Magic World Tour

24K Magic Stage
Dua Lipa
Before the concert.

It started with Dua Lipa and let me tell you she’s amazing! I love her voice and her hair–it was really shiny and healthy! Although ‘New Rules’ is her most famous song I think her best live is definitely ‘Scared to be lonely.’

I was awestruck by Bruno Mars and the Hooligans. The whole concert I felt like a teenager falling for the first time. THAT KINDA FEELING. He makes you blush even though he wasn’t specifically talking about you. I was flustered.

I loved his music since he first started. I managed to take a video my favourite song of the album ‘Versace on the floor’ and the first song that I loved from him ‘Just the way you are’ I’m always thankful that I can go to these concerts, it’s an absolute pleasure to see people you admire upclose. And I thank God, that I get to have the opportunity to see His creation.


-Maj 😘❤

2018 and all the other updates!


I started my first discipline in November. It was really stressful but I’m glad I managed. As always things aren’t always as planned but if there is a will there is a way. First part of November I can barely eat because of my wisdom teeth extractions but I survived guys! It was not as painful as I thought (thankfully).


December highlights for me was Shawn Mendez’s Illuminate Concert! It was amazing and magical! Shawn Mendez definitely ate his CD’s because he sounds exactly the same live.

December was shockingly more stressful than November. Things were not going as well as I thought and the stress of Christmas was definitely there. Next year I hope I can plan better! It’s hard not to disappoint people with the change of plans, trying to catch up with everyone seems like a far distant dream. I hope to do well this 2018.


Marks the start of my new discipline. I look forward to it. Although I’ve only had a three-week break, I feel like I can really do this.

My twenty-teenth birthday.

Hey guys! It’s been a while… I just celebrated my 20th birthday!

Time really flies aye? When I first started this blog I just turned eighteen and now it’s been almost two years since this blog has been going. So many things have happened, but I’m still very much trying to learn.

This is a flower my mum surprised me with. I love how bright and yellow it is. Such a spring feeling. I feel reborn.

Now that I’m twenty, I have tons of things to think about. How am I going to improve myself? How will I move forward to the next part of my life? How should I renovate my room? *chuckles* 

Anyways, please continue to pray and be with me on this new journey. ❤❤❤

Prac Update!

Finally done with my first leg of prac which was phlebotomy! So glad to be able to finish it off!

Now I can’t really disclose a lot of things in this blog since I currently am working for the government and it’s probably illegal to talk about things. But all in all I’m really enjoying my practical work. It’s a little hard and the struggle is real guys, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve met a lot of people, learned a lot of things and I look forward to more. At the moment I’m just learning the ropes in the lab. I will update you all soon!!! Mwuah!


I’m finally starting my placements guys! 

This September 2017 THIS GIRL is finally starting her hospital placements! I’ve come a long way since I first started this blog back when I was still in first year of my university degree. If you all didn’t know, I’m going to be a medical scientist–no I don’t do experiments or research if that’s what you’re going to ask. I’m so excited to do this, but more than that, I’m nervous. Anyways, that’s my update for now!

July Favourites

Although I bought it a while ago, I think I will give ‘Clio’s Pot Concealer’ my thumbs up. It’s managed to survive humidity while I was in Philippines, that’s definitely saying something. Now it’s gotten me excited on trying a lot of pot concealers.

This months’s favourite film goes to ‘The Garden Of Woods+5 Centimeters per Second’. July was Japanese month for me–I watched two Japanese films and both loved them. However, this film has captured the art so well. Now I was never the one to care about art, but this film made me rethink about the relationship between anime and the artist’s talent. Although I’m still not convinced that good art will compromise a good plot but it sure does help you appreciate it more.

Too many to count, but at the moment Mario Badescu’s Rose Water Toner and Dennis Goss’s Hyaluronic Mosture Cushion has won me over. They are both so good at keeping my oily skin hydrated and well moisturized. Although I still do get oily skin, I don’t feel as sticky as before.


1. Convenience
The subway system in Seoul is one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced in life. Living in a city with only six public train lines you can imagine my surprise at their fourteen public train lines, not to mention a stop at every attraction you can think. Getting around the city is no biggie. Plus their T-money can be used in convenient stores as well.

2. Myeongdong shopping district
A perfect tourist spot for anyone. Bright lights, kpop music, all the Korean makeup brands you can imagine. Not to mention, the vendors are really friendly and speaks different languages.

3. WiFi
Korea has the fastest internet in the world. Their public wifi is no joke. Most of their shops have free wifi, no trouble getting around. I didn’t even have to turn on my roaming once.

4. Hongdae Shopping district
The nightlife. The young crowd. The hip life you wished you had back home. This is Hongdae.

5. Nami Island.
About an hour away from Seoul, it’s a picturesque spot that is Kdrama worthy. Perfect at any level from the view right down to the awesome activities. It’s no wonder it’s one of the

6. Street Fashion and Shopping
Since I went to Korea during their winter season their street fashion was top notch. Coats, boots, beanies and scarves  roamed around the place. Though I don’t suggest shopping in the street vendors since they mostly sell their products at a higher price for tourist. Shopping malls like D-cube city are probably a better bet for you, sales are not to be missed.

7. Itaewon
Looking for a good dinner place without hurting your pocket too much? Look no more, Itaewon has plenty of restaurants that are Instagram worthy.

8. Streetfood
Don’t go out of Seoul without trying their streetfood. Seriously, don’t. I suggest trying out “Manjoo Hana” it’s bread filled with sweet custard! Literally ate it all the time I saw a shop in Seoul.

9. Gangnam
Everything that screams high-end and luxury is what I could say about this place. The Shinesgate Mall in Gangnam is a girl’s dream. Every brand that I have wanted (and could not afford) was there. Be careful of your wallets though, you might spend more than you think you can.

10. Attractions.
Plenty of attractions in Seoul: from DDP, to N-Seoul Tower, to Trickery Eye Museum. You can’t go wrong with the place. It’s impossible to make a mistake in this city. Everywhere you turn is another adventure.